Storage elements remain important pieces of functional equipment in the office. Yet they are being rediscovered as furniture, giving space character and form – by zoning and organizing office floors, compact offices, group and team offices or as solitary pieces of furniture near the workstations, and even as spacious archiving furniture placed against the wall. What is required is not one solution for everything, but a modular system for all individual needs. Furthermore as representative furniture for management areas. A new OH type storage furniture offer a variety of new functions and design options.






  • Design


A wide range of bookcases and cabinets – opened cabinets, cabinets closed with wing doors, various types of hutches, waredrobes and as well sliding, tambour door cabinets, which are perfect especially in small working places.

Different sizes of cabinets provide many opportunities to arrange office spaces with more usable space.

Significant important is modularity of the furniture system, which allows you to create simple solutions of the multi-station.


  • Technical parameters


Material: MFC (melamine faced chipboard), complies with EN14.322 norm, melamine class E1. Edges covered with 2 mm PVC.

Density 650-69 kg/m3 – 18 mm thick panel, 61-630 kg/m3 – 28 mm thick panel.



Top, body, front – MFC, 18 mm (28 mm for stationary pedestal tops).

Metal drawers with central lock (1 simple key and 1 folding key) and Anti Tilt mechanism (only one drawer may be opened at time), roll runners with 25 kg maximum acceptable load, extraction 80%.

File drawer extraction 100%.

Pedestals with filing drawers equipped with counterweight to ensure the stability of pedestal.

Silent closing as an option.

High pedestals equipped with leveling feet + 20 mm.

Mobile pedestals equipped with black castors, Ø 50 mm, two with locking.

[KRT], [SLD] – Drawers with pencil tray.

[SLD] – HPL option for drawers top and front

[KKT] – Budget drawer units, with MFC drawers in 26-aluminium satinato, roll runners with 25 kg acceptable load and central lock.



Body, shelf – MFC, 18 mm, option - metal shelves, 09-aluminium, filing shelf, max load 41 kg.

Back wall – MFC 18 mm, for budget storages – HDF 3 mm.

Top – MFC 28 mm, option – additional 4 mm Lacobel glass plate.

Front – MFC 18 mm, wing or sliding doors / HPL doors, Push-to-open system / tambour doors in white, black or aluminum colour / glass door 3OH, tempered glass or clouded glass in aluminum frame 20 mm.

Central lock, leveling feet + 20 mm.



  • Models and sizes


Standart storages





Pedestals with pencil drawer



[SLDHT] - pedestals with HPL top and front / Manager storage



[ZS] - storage cabinet ZigZag with sliding doors / Storage cabinets with tambour doors



Storage cabinets with sliding doors



Storages 120 cm wide



Storages 100 cm wide



Storages 80 cm wide




Waredrobe 60 cm wide / Storages 40 cm wide / Upper storages





Storages with HPL front (without lock)




Storages with HPL front (without lock) and Lacobel glass top



Storages with metal shelves




Additional elements for storage



Plaukti un skapji virs starpsienām



Budget storage

Bookcases and cabinets with wing doors









1- fixing to the wall nesessary

2- with espagnolette lock

3- Locks are available as an option for an additional cost

4- waredrobe with hanger bar

5- with file drawers

6- labās puses durvis

7- 4 filling shelves in aluminium colour

8- 2 filling shelves in aluminium colour

9- set of 2 metal shelves, aluminium colour, for storages 80 cm wide

10- glass door 3OH, 1pcs, universal, tempered glass

11- glass door 3OH with aluminium frame, clouded glass

12- cabinet for photocopier

13- waredrobe with slide out hanger bar





  • Examples


CityOffice_skapji MDD_17a CityOffice_skapji MDD_08a


CityOffice_skapji MDD_11a CityOffice_skapji MDD_14a CityOffice_skapji MDD_20a


CityOffice_skapji MDD_09a CityOffice_skapji MDD_07a


CityOffice_skapji MDD_16a CityOffice_skapji MDD_13a


CityOffice_skapji MDD_12a CityOffice_skapji MDD_10a CityOffice_skapji MDD_26a


CityOffice_skapji MDD_18a CityOffice_skapji MDD_15a 


About furniture configurations, please contact with office by writing to or calling. We arrange functional space planning in accordance with dimensions of the room and Your needs and desires.



  • Price


Price from

Bookcase [K2504] 105 EUR

Cabinet [K5404]  190 EUR

Pedestal [KKT13] 160 EUR


About other furniture elements prices and fitting of office furniture please contact with office by writing to or calling. Individual approach to each order.




  • Matreials and colours




08 - black / 14 - beech / 26 -aluminium satinato / 31 - canadian oak / 34 - chestnut/ 39 - polar birch / 64 - cocoa / 67 - white pastel / 106 - lowland nut




108- high gloss black | 72 - high gloss green / 82 - high gloss red/ 74 - high gloss orange/ 78 -  high gloss white



Krasas MDD_Ogi_metal_2


15 - white / 09 - aluminum




clouded / tempered / white / black

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