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Design: Piotr Kuchciński.

Simplic is a range of conference tables and desks. It is distinguished by its unique simplicity of form and construction, its universal and flexibile applications and its high degree of comfort.

The range consists of single conference tables in a wide range of shapes and sizes, modular conference tables, workstations and executive desks which can be supported on cabinets or pedestals and complementary low coffee tables.


The shape of the workstations is governed by ergonomics and functionality. Flexibility in construction of the simplic range enables the legs to be placed parallel to the desktop edge which enlarges the available space under the desk and provides extreme comfort.

Double workstation desktops are supported on one pair of legs, the other end can be supported on cabinets or pedestals.


Whilst ensuring the maximum stability, the construction of the tables is simple, so they are easy to assemble, reliable, and above all visually attractive (especially in the case of multimodular linear arrangements). Shared table legs ensures high capacity and comfort.

In order to raise the quality of the furniture and enhance its appearance, a range of original finishes is available. These are among others: milled plywood with linoleum, laminate with special texture and glass tops laquered in several different colours, with led lighting.


A wide range of accessories which help to organise your work place and adjust it to your individual needs is available. These are upholstered modesty panels, screens, pc holders, various examples of cable ports and superior cable management solutions.


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Desks and conference tables:

CityOffice_mebeles_modeli_Simplic_01 CityOffice_mebeles_modeli_Simplic_02



 Storage cabinets:



Additional elements:



About furniture configurations, please contact with office by writing to or calling. We arrange functional space planning in accordance with dimensions of the room and Your needs and desires.



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