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  • Design


The design of the YAN series was inspired by the independent town architecture in the times of Renaissance when beauty was synonymous with functionality.

Pursuing the contemporary trends of functional furniture for open workspaces, the new multi-user platform YAN is created taking the needs of modern offices into consideration. According to the concept of modular arrangements, any number of employees may find their work place at the platform. No matter what tasks they are involved in, they will always benefit from space at the desk. Decorative partition screens with basic acoustic effects add bright colours to the original white platform.

YAN perfectly suits for the managerial offices, creative studios and project management teams. The comfortable construction helps to concentrate on the tasks and responsibilities. Cable management system and large desk size optimize the productivity.


CO_biroja mebeles_CITY_realizacija_02

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  • Technical parameters


Table and platform, pinboards

Worktop – MFC, thickness 28 mm.

Extension – MFC, thickness 28 mm.

Frame – powder-coated metal element.

Every bench is equipped with a metal holder for the media box M02.

[M02] - 3x230V, 2xRJ45 class E, cat.6.

Batten – MFC, thickness 12 mm.

Pinboards – upholstered MFC panel, thickness 47 mm.


Top, body, front - MFC, thickness 18 mm.

Metal drawers. System of silent closing, ball runners with 35 kg acceptable load, extraction 80%. Filing drawer extraction 100%.

Pencil tray is included.

Central lock with antitilt mechanism (only one drawer may be opened at time), foldable key.

Pillow for [SLK12], [SLK13] – option.


Body, bottom, shelf – MFC, thickness 18 mm.

Top – MFC, thickness 28 mm.

Front – „Push-to-open” system (without key).

Leveling feet adjusted from inside.

Optional: glass top – MFC + glass Lacobel, 28 mm + 4 mm.

H - storages with HPL front, G - storages with glass top, HG - storages with HPL front and glass top

Storage [ZS02], [ZS03]

Body, top – MFC, thickness 28 mm.

Shelf – MFC, thickness 18 mm.

Drawer - MFC, thickness 12 mm.

Front - sliding door mounted on a metal mechanism allowing for self closing.

[ZS02] – MFC 18 mm plate is covered with HPL-laminate.

[ZS03] -  MFC 18 mm.

Additional elements

[ZT10] – freestanding plexiglass panel.

[ZF04] – plexiglass reading shelf.


CityOffice_mebeles_CITY_papildus elementi 


  • Models and sizes


Desk and platform:


CityOffice_mebeles_CITY_galdi un platformas 

Extensions and aditional equippment:



CityOffice_mebeles_CITY_papildus elementi








CityOffice_mebeles_CITY_starpsienas izmeri un modeli


  • How to order?


About other furniture configurations, please contact with office by writing to or calling. We arrange functional space planning in accordance with dimensions of the room and Your needs and desires.


  • Price


Price from 320 EUR

Desk 160 x 80 x H74 cm [BLF16]  360 EUR


About other furniture elements prices and fitting of office furniture please contact with office by writing to or calling. Individual approach to each order.


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  • Materials and colours



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