Hello Office Chairs


  • Description

A model which stands out as a reference point for its design and wide range available. Beautiful in any version, from the upholstered one to the mesh backrest, including the cantilever version.

Designer Baldanzi e Novelli.


  • Price

Starting from 370 EUR. Prices without VAT, before discounts.

About furniture elements prices and fitting of office furniture please contact with office.

Individual approach to each order.


  • Сertificates

UNI EN‐1335-A; 1335-B; UNI EN‐16139;



See Furniture System Oxi



See Furniture System 5th Element




  • Functional details & additional equipment
CityOffice_Hello_Kresli_Detalas_01 CityOffice_Hello_Kresli_Detalas_02


  • Models and sizes
CityOffice_Hello_Kresli_Modeli_01 CityOffice_Hello_Kresli_Modeli_02 CityOffice_Hello_Kresli_Modeli_03 CityOffice_Hello_Kresli_Modeli_04
Hello Hello Operative Hello Rete ( Mesh ) Hello Sled ( Visitor )
CityOffice_Hello_Kresli_Modeli_05 CityOffice_Hello_Kresli_Modeli_06 CityOffice_Hello_Kresli_Modeli_07 CityOffice_Hello_Kresli_Modeli_08
70 x 70 x H 127 - 137/ h 43 - 53 cm 70 x 70 x H 108 - 118/ h 43 - 53 cm 70 x 70 x H 100.5 - 112.5/ h 39 - 51 cm 57 x 55 x H 86/ h 48 cm
CityOffice_Hello_Kresli_Modeli_09 CityOffice_Hello_Kresli_Modeli_10 CityOffice_Hello_Kresli_Modeli_11 CityOffice_Hello_Kresli_Modeli_12


More Information in the Catalog



  • How to order?

We develop 2D and 3D visualization of functional plans of premises according to the size of the room and according to your needs and desires.

For furniture configurations, please write to info@city-office.lv


We are Members of the Electronic Procurement System EIS


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  • Materials and colours

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