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The dynamic development of the IT sector results in more people working in it. It is where the success of a project is determined by the cooperation of an entire team rather than a brilliant individual. Therefore creating comfortable workstations for a team, working in a relatively small space, is of principal importance. The arrangement of a series of double workstations in this project allow the creation of a compact workspace for a team of eight programmers. Sloped desks of adjustable depth have been used to purposefully interfere with the linear structure. The distance from the computer screen can be reduced or extended according to the principles of ergonomics. The printers and other appliances, such as the coffee maker, have been placed outside of the working area, which forces the team to move around a little, to share a coffee and  chat. This type of design is good for both small and large areas; the rectangular composition sets off individual spaces, whilst allowing for the disposal of purely architectural barriers.


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